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Naked officials' being uncovered



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Naked officials' being uncovered





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The campaign against corruption is throwing new light on officials who send their wives and children abroad, where they can possibly set up channels for the transfer of illicit income and establish a base should they be forced to flee China.

Guangdong has identified 2,190 naked officials and reassigned 866 who refused to bring their wives and children back to China.

Guangdong corruption prevention regulation dictated that naked officials shall not take on important positions and will never be a candidate for leadership.


年度回顾:家人移居海外,干部在国内任职。这种 裸官 模式为转移非法所得和建立外逃据点打下了基础。2014年, 裸官 成为被重点整治和清理的对象。

广东在清理工作中发现 裸官 2190名,866名拒绝接回家人的 裸官 被调岗。

《广东省预防腐败条例(草案)》明确提出, 裸官 不得在重要岗位、敏感岗位任职,且不能列为领导干部考察对象。

Naked officials' being uncovered
Naked officials' being uncovered

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